Cape Cod RTTM Software

Client MassDOT    Location Massachusetts    Duration 2014 - 2015   

KCUS designed, integrated, and operated the Real Time Traffic Management (RTTM) Software for the Hybrid VMS and Bluetooth Reader-based installation on Rt. 6, Rt. 28, Rt. 25, and Rt. 3 in the Cape Cod area. The Cape Cod RTTM system used twenty-three Bluetooth Readers to collect and process travel time data that is posted to nine Hybrid VMS located along major routes on Cape Cod. KCUS coordinated with the project’s construction contractor to ensure that the system ran accurately and met MassDOT’s performance expectations.

The Cape Cod RTTM System has been integrated into and is currently being operated under the GoTime Statewide RTTM System.