San Juan Light Rail Feasibility Study

Client City of San Juan, Puerto Rico    Location San Juan, Puerto Rico    Duration 2008 - 2011   

KCUS was part of a team commissioned to perform a feasibility study for a proposed five mile-long Light Rail Technology (LRT) project in the City of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The proposed LRT would provide transit service between the Tren Urbano metro system at Sagrado Corazon, the historic and commercial districts in Old San Juan, and the Convention Center.
During the first phase, KCUS was responsible for analyzing the corridor and transportation systems between Sagrado Corazon and Old San Juan and recommended a preferred alignment option while identifying the locations of the various intermediary passenger stations. As part of this phase, KCUS conducted an extensive assessment of the various LRT as well as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) technology options.
KCUS was also responsible for the conceptual design of the maintenance facility. For the second phase of this project, KCUS developed the capital cost projections and evaluation, and prepared an operating plan in terms of speed, frequency of service, operational staff, and maintenance procedures. KCUS also prepared an estimate for annual operations and maintenance costs for the LRT system, defined a projected time schedule for the installation of the LRT system and its operation, and took part in industry outreach conferences in San Juan.